The Sit N Stand ideal for your expanding family for several years from newborn to young child to growing child. A single little one could ride up front, and one could be behind, sleep, sit or stand! The Sit N Stand Double Infant stroller allows 1 little one up front, and one behind who is able to either sit, or stand up the same as father and mother. 2 canopies offer exceptional protection from the sun both for little passengers and the rear canopy and child tray are removable when older children are ready to trip together. The stroller includes a covered mom or dad organizer with cup holders to keep your telephone, keys and drink handy plus a big below seat storage basket holds all you need for the day’s things to do. Baby carseats purchased separately. Advised User Ages: Front/Rear Seat: Travel system compatible or little one sitting upright to forty lbs. and Jump Seat/Standing: 2.5 years or 40 lbs. 21.5″W x 49″L x 43″H

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